The One Hotel and Sushi Restaurant is a new business that has room to grow.

The Main Hotel Building (Building B on the plans) is 4 floors and 776 m2 and includes 18 rooms for guests, a lobby, an outdoor terrace, a fully equipped and licensed kitchen, brand new power, heating , air conditioning , sewer, and plumbing lines, furniture, décor and more!

Along with the main buildings, there is space to install a pool with and an already constructed pool house (Building C), upon completion will future 2-story building.

The One Hotel and Sushi Restaurant has been already marketed and registered across many platforms on the web. Considering that it has operated at limited time (only in July 2018 ) and capacity (only 6 rooms), the business already has a number of positive reviews, comments, likes and shares.

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Hotel Front

Modern exterior design mixed with Asian elements combine to create an unforgettable first impression.

Lush trees, bamboo and the serene sound of flowing water set a tranquil tone during arrival at the front parking lot. 


Hotel Lobby

Imported Indonesian décor, Buddha statues a waterfall fountain, a magnificent Tamarind Heartwood front desk – all of these generate a WOW factor and make “The One” unique. High-quality AV equipment allow the lobby to be transformed into a conference room, if necessary. 

Hot 1.jpg

Hotel Hallways

The modern design of the hotel hallways, from the beautiful tile to the designer lighting, is captivating.

In fact, this style is so attractive that it was featured by our guests across all social media platforms.

room 1.jpg

Hotel Rooms

Each room has equally rich design with similar interior elements, but every single one is beautiful in its own right. Large TVs, free-to-use smart phones, individual Wi-Fi routers, incredibly comfortable beds, exotic furniture and décor will have you wondering whether to go out to enjoy Siofok nightlife or just stay in and relax.

bath 1.jpg

Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom in each room is exquisite, as well as unrepeatable. Each comes with a unique sink made of Onyx stone, a large mirror with solid Mahogany wood frame, a waterfall shower, designer lighting and floor-to-ceiling natural Travertine stone tiling. Each bathroom equipped is with automatic (motion detector) ventilation system.

4 1.jpg


The three penthouse suites, with their spacious (40 m2 average) rooms and high ceilings are brightly lit by natural light during the day and by exquisite crystal chandeliers during the night. The bathrooms – enough space for a sauna or hot tub (20 m2 average) – can accommodate a large family. Designed with a mini-kitchen, separate bedroom and a washing machine connection.

rest 1.jpg

Sushi Restaurant

The property has a fully functioning Sushi/Fusion restaurant. Its kitchen is inspector-approved to operate a small restaurant that can be adapted to any Hungarian tastes, so this kitchen isn’t restricted to Sushi.

"The One Sushi" has really made a name for itself, with returning loyal customers.  


Hotel Under Construction

The Hotel price reflects its partially-finished condition: the ground floor 50% completed, 1st floor is 100% completed, 2 floor 80%, and the 3 floor 40%. All main components (furniture, bathrooms & electric fixtures, decor etc.) are already purchased and stored, in order to complete the hotel and make it fully functioning. 

Left sade1.jpg

Hotel Plans & Permits

Hotel Plans.