Welcome to The One Hotel and Restaurant! 

We are offering an opportunity to invest in an already profitable business, with the potential to evolve and expand. The hotel and restaurant have already been running and the economic value has been calculated.

This unique investment opportunity is located in the popular Hungarian vacation town of Siófok, and has the competitive edge of beautiful architecture and decor, a great location, as well as having an exclusive cuisine category.

The business proposition is separated into three packages, in order to better suit your investment needs:

  • Hotel:

    • Hotel with 15 rooms and 3 suites (building "B" 776 m2);

    • Fully equipped Sushi restaurant;

    • Pool house (building "C" 90 m2);

    • Parking for 12 vehicles;

    • All rights to the businesses ("The One Hotel" and "The One Sushi Restaurant", including all existing advertising, booking accounts, menus, etc.)

  • Restaurant:

    • Building "A" (248 m2) to accommodate a concept restaurant (comes complete with architectural and floor plan). 

    • Parking for 10 vehicles;

    • Completed foundation for convenience corner store/Bistro/Café.

  • "The ONE" Package:

    • Includes all above buildings, land and plans.

the ONE.png

- in the center of Europe.

- in center of Balaton.

- in center of Siofok.

The ONE hotel was built on the very well known Batthyany Lajos street and ideally located in the central part of town, near all the finest restaurants and nightlife.

The hotel is situated 400m from one of the most popular bodies of water in the Europe – the fresh water Lake Balaton.

Additionally, the hotel is located 12 km from Zamardi, which holds world-popular music festivals like "Balaton Sound", "STRAND", "B my Lake" which makes the city of Siofok the main shopping and nightlife town on Lake Balaton.

This area is a popular tourist location, and the opportunity to increase revenue and occupancy levels is huge. The hotel has been renovated to the highest of standards in 2018.

The Hotel details are:

• Prime location;

• Boutique luxury fixtures and fittings (natural stone, oil paintings, lava-stone statues, rare-wood furniture etc.);

• HD TVs with 4000 channels in each room;

• Free to use android cell phone for guests (with unlimited internet and phone calls).

• Completely new: furniture, decor, water pipes, electric lines, air conditioning system, sewer, hot water heater.

• 15 rooms + 3 penthouse suites;

• 4 floors;

• The restaurant space comes complete with a fully licensed kitchen and sushi restaurant. This space can also be utilized as a bar or as entertainment/conference area. The Hotel can be expanded for optimal use of the area, such as additional amenities, that will raise the Hotel to a higher level (pool, saunas etc.)

The crystal clear Lake Balaton is an established vacation destination for Hungary’s bordering and other close countries: Austria, Germany, as well as England and many others.


Adjacent to the main Hotel building, resides a 2-floor, 260 m2 building.

This building was originally developed (intended) to be used as a large, high-quality cuisine restaurant. The architectural and floor plans are available for this concept. Keeping in mind the prime location of this building, the opportunities are endless.

The first floor is approximately 151 m2 and can be equipped with a large, fully stocked kitchen, dining area to seat a minimum of 40 patrons.

The second floor is approximately 108 m2 and can be used for banquet room, additional dining space or conference hall.

At the back of the building is enough space for 10 vehicles or it can be converted into an outside dining area.

Right beside the Restaurant is a laid foundation, which can be used to construct a Café, Bistro, or convenience store.

Considering that the area is lacking in such establishments, and the fact that the building is passed by every person that gets off of the train at Siofok station, a high sales volume is practically guaranteed.

– Siofok is known for huge yearly summer events:

Balaton Sound (165 000 visitors in 2018),

Nemzeti Regatta (2018 National Regatta),

Tour de Hongrie 2018 (Hungarian National Bicycle Tour),

and others..


“the ONE” Total Package – We are presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase all of the above buildings, land, and licensed businesses. With the total package, the buyer will receive all of the following:


• Hotel with 18 rooms (755 m2);

• Fully equipped Sushi restaurant (kitchen area approx. 21 m2);

• All fixtures and furniture (mattresses, TVs, statues, faucets, tables, chairs, etc.);

• All rights to the businesses ("The One Hotel" and "The One Sushi Restaurant", including all existing licenses, advertising, booking accounts, menus, etc.);

• Parking for 12 vehicles;

• Poolhouse (building C, 90 m2).


• Building to accommodate a concept restaurant (comes complete with architectural and floor plan, 259 m2).

• Parking for 10 vehicles;

• Completed foundation for convenience store/Bistro/Café (approx. 47 m2).

Total land size 1.820 m2.


"The One" project

– one of very few top quality venues in the hospitality industry on south side of Lake Balaton.

We appreciate you contacting us about "the ONE". One of our colleagues will get back to you shortly. Have a great day!